Facebook wants its user’s phone numbers

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Social Networking
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Launched 8 years ago, Facebook already has hundreds of millions of users. In April 2012, it reached 900 million active users. Everyday new people sign up for Facebook. I admit that here are a lot of pros about joining the biggest social network, but there are also cons, e.g. privacy.

Since you only need a real name, an email address, a password, a birthday which makes sure you’re 13 years or older, it has a bunch of fake accounts. On March 8, 2012, ZDNet revealed that 5 – 6% of accounts are fake.

Now Facebook found a new way to filter fake accounts – and some of its inactive users, too. When you’re trying to log in, the following message appears:


Luckily, not everybody got this message so far. Once you’ve got it, you can’t use your account anymore – until you’ve entered your phone number. There’s only the Facebook logo on the left and a “log out” button on the right. No button for people who don’t have a phone number and no description like “how to use Facebook without a phone number” for them. A lot of people are searching for help on Google, but there are no helpful entries yet.


Your friends cant access your profile anymore. For them it seems like your profile doesn’t exist anymore.


Even their friends list looks like you’ve deleted your account.


Well, some people may close their Facebook account, because they don’t want to tell their phone number to Facebook. Seems like the website prepared everything for deleting – nobody can access your profile and your media (at least via the official Facebook website) or find it via Facebook search anymore.



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